• What is Dietary Hawk?

    • Dietary Hawk is Australia’s leading Dietary Requirement education organisation.

      We educate food services, offer innovative solutions to dietary requirement management and we advocate for improved dietary requirement manage where ever food is sold. We are committed to ensuring every individual with a dietary requirement is able to eat with confidence.

    • How do I get in contact with Dietary Hawk?

    • Email us at [email protected] and one of our friendly team members will get back to you as soon as possible!

Online Courses

    • What is the difference between the Dietary Hawk Responsible Person and the Dietary Hawk Responsible Service course?

    • The DHRS course provides learners with a general understanding of the different types of dietary requirements, implications of poorly managed dietary requirements and the key risks to managing dietary requirements within a food service. The DHRP course is a more comprehensive course that in addition to the information provided in the DHRS course explores more practicals considerations to dietary requirement management, and provides more practical information for implementing dietary requirement management strategies within a food service and assists learners to create a dietary requirement management plan that they can implement within their food service.

    • Who should complete the Dietary Hawk Responsible Person course?

    • Individuals who have a leadership position within the food service should complete the course for example head chefs, sous chefs, kitchen managers, food and beverage managers, front of house managers, event managers or shift supervisors. Dietary Hawk Responsible Persons are responsible for creating, implementing and upholding dietary requirement management standards.

    • Who should complete the Dietary Hawk Responsible Service course?

    • Individuals who are responsible for completing basic tasks in a food service and are required to implement dietary requirement management plans in a food service. This includes kitchen staff, food and beverage attendants, kitchen managers, event managers, event organisers, food delivery drivers, food retail assistants e.g airline staff or canteen staff, carers e.g childcare staff, nannies, kindergarten and school teachers, or anyone looking to improve their knowledge around dietary requirement management.

    • What happens if I don’t finish my course in the allocated time?

    • If you fail to complete your course within the allocated time you can purchase another course via the Dietary Hawk website. You will then be able to continue your course at the point you reached before running out of time

    • Are Dietary Hawk courses accredited?

    • Dietary Hawk courses are not accredited. They are created by dietitians and chefs who are highly credentialled and experienced in the areas of nutrition, dietary requirement management and food service operation. You don’t end up with a qualification after completing a Dietary Hawk course, however you do end up with plenty of knowledge and skill relevant to dietary requirement management, based on the most up to date scientific evidence.

    • Are Dietary Hawk courses age restricted?

    • No, Dietary Hawk courses are not age restricted.

    • I’m not from Australia, can I still complete the course?

    • The course is designed for food services working within Australia as the recommendations and rules are based on Australian guidelines and recommendations and consider Australian population statistics.

      Anyone is welcome to complete the course however you need to consider there may be differences between countries between countries.

    • Will Dietary Hawk produce a version for other countries?

    • We hope so! We can’t wait to spread the Dietary Hawk message around the world!

    • How do I purchase a course?

    • Easy – visit our Courses page, follow the prompts and pay via credit card. You will receive an email confirmation immediately with a unique activation code for you to use to activate your course.

    • When does my course completion period begin?

    • From the moment you activate the activation code you receive by email after purchasing your course. You have three years after purchasing a course to activate your course.

    • Do I receive any form of recognition for completing a Dietary Hawk course?

    • Yes, you will receive a Certificate of Completion emailed directly to you after you complete your course.

    • I just purchased a course but have not received an email with a link to my course, what do I do?

    • Start by checking your spam and/or junk folders, if you still can’t find your email please wait a few minutes and then if you still have no luck, please email [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


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