Dietary Hawk Certification

Are you proud of your ability to manage dietary requirements?
Separate yourself from the rest and become Dietary Hawk Certified.

Dietary Hawk Certification is a certification trademark awarded to food businesses who display a high standard of dietary requirement management.

The Dietary Hawk logo instils trust in consumers, helping you to build a brand people can rely on.

The Dietary Hawk logo

The Dietary hawk Certified logo assists consumers in being able to easily identify food service establishments that show exemplary management of dietary requirements.

The logo represents a sense of trust and safety. It makes your business immediately recognisable, setting you apart from the rest.

Who is Dietary Hawk for?

Any business that prepares or serves food, including but not limited to:

Traditional food service


Child care services

Childcare facilities
Boarding schools

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Institutional facilities

Aged care facilities
Correctional service

Catering services

Rail expeditions
Event catering

Why become a Dietary Hawk Certified venue?

Increase revenue

Connect with more customers, meet their needs and increase your turnover.

Increase confidence

Ensure your team and in turn your loyal customer feel confident in your ability to meet their needs.

Ongoing support

Receive ongoing professional, accurate and up to date support around dietary requirement management from the Dietary Hawk team.

Free promotions

Receive promotion via Dietary Hawk's social media and marketing channels.

Reduce risk of liability

Correct management of dietary requirements will reduce your risk of liability and increase your business opportunities.

How do I become Dietary Hawk Certified?

Becoming Dietary Hawk Certified is simple!

1. Apply - Complete and submit your application

2. Train - Staff complete relevant dietary requirement online training provided by Dietary Hawk

3. Plan - Submit your dietary requirement management plan.

4. Use -Use the Dietary Hawk logo to promote your certification status.

"I feel really confident in my approach to managing dietary requirements in future interactions as a front of house staff member!"

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